Price-Schonstrom Inc.

An industry leader in the design and fabrication of custom process equipment since 1981.

Custom Manufacturing

Price-Schonstrom Inc. is a Walkerton, Ontario based company that designs, manufactures, and maintains stainless steel products and process equipment, with nearly 40 years of experience in the custom manufacturing field. Our 32,000 square foot facility includes areas with 30 and 40 foot ceilings, serviced by two overhead cranes. In-house shearing, rolling, forming and machining allow us to closely monitor each facet of a project, ensuring quality control at each stage.

Custom Manufacturing Is Our Specialty

Price-Schonstrom Inc. has the ideal combination of equipment, facilities and expertise to meet all your process equipment needs from heat exchangers and pressure vessels to material handling and much more.

At Price-Schonstrom Inc. we combine modern engineering technology with years of hands-on experience to ensure you receive a quality product customized to suit your specific needs.
Price-Schonstrom Inc. project managers and design staff come from diverse professional backgrounds, so our range of expertise is quite broad. They will work with you to determine your project’s requirements and with the support of their colleagues see your project through design, fabrication and if necessary, installation.

Focused on Quality and Safety

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