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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

The flexible and diverse manufacturing capabilities of PSI are well illustrated in the food and beverage industry, where the company has produced food-grade storage and handling systems, UHT milk pasteurizers, flash pasteurizers, cyrogenic freezers, distilleries, vacuum cheese dryers and more.

A few examples include:

Cyrogenic Freezers – We have manufactured and refurbished several types of freezers including the fabrication of spiral, batch and tunnel freezers for Praxair Canada and other industrial users. One such freezer was designed to prepare poultry for further processing. In this case about 122 birds per hour were sent along a conveyor through a system which froze them using liquid carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas.

UHT Milk Pasteurizers – Pictured above, the state-of-the-art falling stream heater works based on the stream infusion principle. The vessel is pressurized and the steam is heated in a fraction of a second. After a holding period of one to four seconds, the steam is cooled by low vacuum pressure. This procedure results in products which are sterile, spore free, fresh-tasting, with minimal denaturation. This unit was designed by Den Holander Engineering, and built to 3A standards by Price-Schonstrom. It is rated for 120 psi and full vacuum.