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Water Pre-Treatment

Water Pre-Treatment

Price-Schonstrom builds several types of systems for water pre-treatment including reverse osmosis systems, ozone and ultraviolet systems, carbon bed tanks, softeners and depth filters. All our units are custom made to customer specifications.

We can handle all of your needs for skid mounted systems including the controls. Piping is offered in PVC, CPVC, LXT (hi-purity PVC), or stainless steel.

Reverse Osmosis – Reverse Osmosis is a membrane separation process where feed water flows along the membrane surface under pressure. Purified water passes through the membrane and is collected, while the concentrated water, containing dissolved and undissolved material that does not flow through the membrane, is discharged to the drain.

Carbon Bed Tanks – We manufacture carbon bed tanks for Sterling Berkefeld a supplier of water treatment systems for industry, community, trade, private households, swimming pools and drinking water treatment plants. These tanks are designed to remove chlorine by the process of filtration through granular activated carbon.